Evergreen Certification Institute is non-profit organization providing certification to clinical professionals who provide therapeutic services and psycho-education to clients diagnosed with various mental health disorders.

About Us

Our Mission and Values

  • Establishing credibility for Dialectical Behavior Therapy professionals and trust for clients through certification.
  • Company Values:
    • Leadership: Be a global leader in creating professional value by delivering recognized, evidence-based certifications and solutions that satisfy both our customers’ present and future needs.
    • Innovative: We are committed to continuous innovation and improvement to ensure that we deliver relevant certifications based on evidence-based practices.
    • Awareness: We anticipate, solicit feedback and respond to the needs of healthcare professionals.
    • Integrity: We promise to honor commitments and act with goodwill, integrity and professionalism.

Our Advisors

Lane Pederson, PSY.D., LP
Lane Pederson, PSY.D., LP  
Lane Pederson, Psy.D., LP, has provided Dialectical Behavior Therapy training and consultation to over 8,000 professionals in the United States, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. A real-world practitioner, Dr. Pederson co-owns Mental Health Systems, PC (MHS), one of the largest DBT-specialized practices in the United States with four clinic locations in Minnesota (www.mhs-dbt.com). At MHS Dr. Pederson has developed Dialectical Behavior Therapy programs for adolescents, adults, people with dual disorders, and people with developmental disabilities. He has served as clinical and training directors, has directed practice-based clinical outcome studies, and has overseen the care of thousands of clients in need of intensive outpatient services.

Dr. Pederson’s Dialectical Behavior Therapy publications include: The Expanded Dialectical Behavior therapy Skills Training Manual, 2nd Edition (PPM, 2017); Dialectical Behavior Therapy: A Contemporary Guide for Practitioners (Wiley, 2015); and Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training in Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment Settings (PPM, 2013).

Notable organizations he has trained for include Walter Reed National Military Hospital, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Ontario Psychological Association, and Psychotherapy Networker. Dr. Pederson currently serves on the advisory board for the doctorial counseling program at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and is a peer reviewer for Forensic Scholars Today.
Joni M Gilbertson, MA, NCC, LCPC, BC-TMH, CTMH
Joni M Gilbertson, MA, NCC, LCPC, BC-TMH, CTMH  
Joni Gilbertson, MA, NCC, LCPC, BC-TMH, is a licensed clinical professional counselor, Certified Clinical Telemental Health Provider (CTMH), Board-Certified Telemental Health Provider and the owner/founder of COPE Counseling Services, LLC where she uses telemental health to assist individuals, couples and families with everyday coping in areas such as relationship, depression, suicide, and general coping skills. She is a Board-certified Telemental Health Provider with years of experience seeing clients using distance counseling. Her counseling centers specialize in treatment for both adults and children. Joni is also experienced as a clinical counselor supervising a mental health staff within a hospital setting and within her clinical practice. She regularly uses distance counseling to work with diverse populations in multiple states. She is licensed as a mental health professional in Illinois and Florida while presently residing in Florida.

Joni completed many trainings in distance counseling and even edited numerous online courses for telemental health. She is a certified trainer in mental health first aid and motivational interviewing. She is also certified in domestic violence facilitation, phototherapy and selective other methods that enhance client awareness. For many years she trained mental health agencies, children and family services, first responders, jails, prisons, and detention centers on mental health topics along with legal and ethical matters of relative concern to each population. 

Joni is also a college instructor in the Sociology Department where she teaches mental health and legal issues classes. She was recently nominated and presented with the award for “Teachers Who Make a Difference” due to her engaging and dynamic style of teaching. She makes learning an enjoyable experience with her passion for the topic of using technology for mental health.

Who We Are

501(c)(3) organization that promotes the highest standards in certifications for today’s mental health professionals. Our certifications set the standards for excellence in their fields of practice. Certification establishes trust and helps consumers, their families, and those who pay for behavioral health services to choose providers and programs with confidence. EVGCI is owned and operated by Evergreen Certifications, LLC.